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Travertine Shower Cleaning & Sealing

Travertine Shower Cleaning and Sealing is a necessary service. Showers can start etching and getting a buildup of soap scum that can become very unsightly. It can also start showing calcification from the water too. Sealer helps with all of this. A natural stone shower should be looked at about every year.

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With our Scottsdale Repair Service, you will not be disappointed. We are tedious with every aspect of the job. Cleaning and repairs are the first steps to a great looking shower. Afterwards, a high quality sealer applied the proper way is vital. We make sure to use the very best products from start to finish. Click the link below to see more of our shower work.

Travertine Shower Before Cleaning & Sealing
Travertine Shower After Cleaning & Sealing

Travertine Hole Repairs

Travertine Holes are something we see quite a lot of. It starts out as a little pinhole then months later it’s the size of a golf ball. We fix holes in Travertine so well, you will never remember it was there.

The repair is done with our own special blend of acrylic materials that do not discolor over time, will not shrink and are always guaranteed never to return. We fix all types of issues with Travertine and Limestone. Regardless if you have 1 hole or 100’s of holes, we can fix them.

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travertine holes before repairs
travertine holes after repairs
travertine cracked and broken before repairs
travertine cracked and broken after repairs

Travertine Broken and Hollow Tiles

Broken or Hollow Travertine is usually a sign of an issue under the tile. It could be a crack from the foundation settling. Perhaps the installer did not use enough thin-set upon installation. It could be from a number of other issues.

Regardless of the issue, we can Re-Secure Hollow, Loose or Broken tiles in any type of condition or situation. It usually doesn’t matter if you have replacement tiles or not.

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Travertine Chipping & Pitting Repairs

Travertine Tiles have Chipping and Pitting problems for many reasons. It could also be from the wrong products being used, wear and tear and other reasons. Travertine periodically needs some type of maintenance to keep it looking its best.

travertine chipping before repairs
travertine chipping after repairs

Most of our travertine or limestone chip repairs are done without removing the tile. So if you do not have replacement tiles, no worries we can help. We can take care of almost any type of problem you are having with your Natural Stone.

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You truly only get one try for a superior repair. So, it is very important to hire an experienced and licensed stone professional to repair your flooring, showers or countertops. Make certain they are experienced.

Travertine Crack Repair

Travertine tiles can crack for a variety of reasons like foundation settling etc. We repair just about every type of travertine tile crack without removing the tile.

Travertine Hole Repair

Holes can pop up seemingly every day. They are somewhat expected but can be an eyesore. We repair just about every imperfection like it was never there.

travertine chip repair

Travertine can chip easily by things being dropped or by wear and tear. Everyday usage and even the wrong type of products can contribute to it’s deteriation.

travertine pitting repair

Pitting is a characteristic on some types of travertine that can start to show right away. It can become a bigger problem fairly quickly if not remedied eventually.

Our Services

Scottsdale Travertine Repairs is a Full-Service Natural Stone Cleaning Sealing and Repair Business. We Fix Cracks in Travertine Tile.

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If you are having an issue with your Natural Stone Scottsdale Travertine Repair can help.

Countertops – Showers – Flooring

Even if you don’t have replacement tiles.

Scottsdale Travertine Repairs are a full-service natural stone restoration company.

Travertine Showers

We Specialize in Shower Cleaning Sealing and Repairs. No matter what condition or repairs you need, we can make your shower look brand new again, guaranteed.

Travertine cleaning

We have several different methods for cleaning your travertine tile. This ensures getting your natural stone as clean as possible. Then we apply a very high quality sealer.

travertine sealing

Sealing your travertine is very important. It helps with preventative maintenance and makes everyday cleaning easier. We only use the very best sealers possible.

travertine polishing

Dull spots & etch marks can usually be removed by polishing. Polishing travertine can also remove some surface scratches and marks/imperfections.

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