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Scottsdale Travertine Cleaning

Full Contact Scrubbing & Steam Cleaning

Travertine Tile Cleaning and Sealing. We are the premier service authority on Travertine Cleaning. We pay very close attention to detail and make certain that your floor looks the very best it can.

We start by pretreating your floor. Then we scrub it with a floor machine. Next we steam clean all the floor grout. Any necessary travertine repairs would be completed, then we would seal it. All this with the very best products available. 

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Scottsdale Travertine Cleaning & Sealing

We are very serious about what we do and consider each job individually based on its needs. We have encountered all types of travertine repair and travertine sealing needs and issues. We also consider ourselves the #1 source for crack repairs. When it comes to onsite color blending, we get a perfect or near perfect match everytime.

Call us now for your free evaluation and have your floor looking like it was brand new again.

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 Travertine Etching & Stain Removal

Travertine is porous and can be damaged by spills and other etching hazards pretty easy. That is why after your travertine cleaned it is usually a good idea to have it sealed. Sealer does not completely prevent issues and hazards but it definitely helps.

Stains are just another reason to have sealer. There are too many different types of liquids and foods that can be an issue for travertine if not properly sealed.

All of our sealers are the very best available. Please scroll down to read more about Travertine Sealing. 

After your Travertine Cleaning you need to have your Stone Sealed too.

We only use the Very Best Sealers in the Business.

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Sealing Will Give Your Tile Life Again.

Certain Sealers are not proper or could be completely incorrect for your type of Travertine or Stone. It’s very important to hire a professional that knows which sealer is right for the type of look you are trying to achieve. Also, it depends on how much the stone is maintenanced and how much traffic it recieves. All these are to be taken into consideration for the best sealer choice.

We only use the very best Sealers available and find that it’s usually always necessary to apply at least 2 coats. This is best to attain a healthy status and ensure maximum protection for as long as possible.

Travertine Sealing

Once our job is complete and your Travertine is Sealed, a neutral cleaner should be used by the homeowner. The wrong cleaner, over a long period of time, can damage the sealer and return the stone to it’s natural porous state without you knowing. It can also let your stone etch and discolor. Having the right knowledge to maintain your floors is very important to the longevity of your floor. We make sure to recommend the proper products.

It Is also very important to choose the right person to apply your sealer. There are a lot of choices of inferior and improper sealers, so its important to know what type of sealer is being used. Some sealers will not protect the surface from certain items like red wine. Impregnating & Penetrating sealers will provide temporary contact protection against harmful acidic items, but sometimes secondary sealers are recommended. But none of this matters if the sealer is not put on properly by a professional. Make sure to call us and get it done right.

Travertine Sealer Helps Preserve

Some sealers will keep your stone protected even under the thickest dirt. So remember, all types of stone including Travertine should be sealed. Think about it, It’s a smart decision to protect your investment. We want to make sure you understand the choices and get exactly what you want. Once the cleaning and sealing process is complete, we can repair most chips, cracks and scratches too. Thank you for reading we look forward to hearing from you.

Scottsdale Travertine Cleaning & Sealing

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