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 Scottsdale Travertine Shower Repairs

Travertine Shower Cleaning & Shower Repairs is our specialty. We know what it takes to get them looking good and to keep them always looking their best while you use them. Scottsdale Travertine Shower Repairs are experts on every aspect of Natural Stone Showers.

If you are having issues with leaking, we can help there too. We can pinpoint leaks and remedy the situation for you. Once all issues are taken care of, we can finish the restoration process to get your shower looking brand new again and sealed for protection.

 Travertine Sealing

Travertine Shower Sealing is a crucial step to protecting your very expensive shower. The wrong decision with an improper sealer could be a problem. The right sealer is very important but applying it properly is most important. Make sure to use a knowledgeable professional.

As you can see from our pictures, having your shower sealed can bring out the beauty in your stone while protecting it as you use it.

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We Only Use the Very Best Sealers…!!!

 Travertine Improper Cleaning

Another issue we see quite often is the wrong type of travertine shower cleaning products being used. Natural stone does not require an extensive amount of maintenance, improperly cleaning travertine will possibly dull & streak the surfaces causing etching and burning in the stone.

Travertine Shower Sealing helps to prevent these types of problems. Unless it is properly taken care of, it can absorb liquids, cleaners, soap scum, calcification etc. These things cause the staining as seen in the pictures. If caught early this can usually be remedied and then protected.

 Travertine Etching & Stain Removal

Travertine is a porous material. When used in showers, it can start to show a need for maintenance quickly if not taken care of properly. 

Our Services we provide begin with pre-treating and cleaning services for your natural stone shower. We also repair grout work if necessary and color stain grout. Our Sealers we apply are Very High Quality & help keep your shower looking great for you while you use it.

All of our products are the very best available. Once the job is complete, we will advise you how to maintain it to keep it looking new all the time.

Scottsdale Travertine Shower Repairs

We Can make your Travertine Shower Brand New again. We can also Repair your Perimeter edges too.

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Travertine Shower Perimeter Edge Repairs

 Do your Shower Perimeter Edges look terrible.? Are they cracking and in need of repair?

Travertine Shower Repair is part of our complete service. However, sometimes showers don’t need a complete service makeover. Your shower might only need minor touch-ups along the floor perimeter edges or along the wall edges.

If your shower only needs the perimeters repaired, no problem, give us a call. We can repair your shower without a trace the repair was performed and Seal it too.

Flawless Travertine Shower Perimeter Repairs

Travertine Shower Caulking is important to keep a tight seal on your shower perimeter walls. Otherwise, water will get between and behind the walls.  We will repair your cracked or missing grout or caulking on your perimeter edges so well, there will be no trace a repair was performed.

Our shower caulking work is flawless and pure perfection. Our color blending techniques are the best in the business. We can match and mix, on site, any color travertine tone for a perfect repair every time.

Travertine Shower Wall Hole Repairs

Sometimes repairs aren’t only needed on the perimeter edges. There can be issues on your wall tile too. Holes or cracks start out small and they will let water in. Being experts in travertine shower repairs, we will find any leaking or trouble areas. We will repair and then seal your shower so it will be much easier to keep it looking good and take care of.

If you are having any issues with your travertine shower, call us and we will resolve your problem.

Scottsdale Travertine Shower Repairs

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